Wednesday, October 29


kak zal ordered 100cuppies for her daughter's birthday last tuesday...she requested for cartoon theme (pingu is a must..hehe) plus other animals..hahaha...saya cume terpikir bear,fish and ladybird jek..huhu... the other character shud be barney..tapi kak sab kater mcm rupe buaya ungu jek..hahahahahaha.....sorie kak zal...huhu..tapi buaya berada dlm kelompok spesis dinasour gak kan...kire adik beradik laa tue ek..hehehe..anyway, thanks again for the order kak zal..n sorie sgt2 pasal barney tue..huhuhu.....

Kak Zal's comment: TQ for the cupcake. My daughter enjoy hers very much….esp Pingu… she eats the head first ;). A good try for first time making Pingu.


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